About FifoCon

Inspired by Louisiana’s lore of the Fifolet, or the Cajun Will O’ Wisp, FifoCon is a convention dedicated to the idea of discovery, and owing to the guiding fifolet, the finding of treasure.

With the element of discovery in mind, FifoCon converged the domains of Cosplay, Making, Video Gaming, and Tabletop Gaming to form a convention like no other. The intersection provides a treasure for all those attending FifoCon, whether it is an idea to love, a world to explore, an item to use, or a prize to obtain. The annual event bestows a treasure to each, just as the fifolet does in the swamps of Louisiana.

With sessions, showcases, exhibitions, releases, educational panels, and the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, FifoCon brings together fans, professionals, and celebrities of each domain. This annual event showcases much of the creative and technological industries and brings to light the opportunities in each. At FifoCon, you will find exactly that which you seek.