In the swamps of Louisiana, the fifolet dwells.

Moonlight filters through the trees and reflects off pooled water, illuminating your path with cool silver light. The soft wet ground muffles your footfalls as you move forward, the depressions you leave behind with each step slowly being reclaimed by the swamp’s seeping water. All is silent as you intrude upon this earthly place with your head down, carefully picking your way over the Cypress knees littering the sodden land.

As you continue on your way, desperately avoiding the trees crawling with eight-legged creatures, an unnaturally bright light catches the corner of your eye. You turn. Drifting in the distance with an unwavering calm is a ghostly blue orb, tailed with a flame of fire. With its light burning clear despite the mist, the orb beckons, the silent promise of treasure enticing you like no words could. You make to follow and pause as the orb begins to wink in and out through the trunks of the gnarled trees, slowly increasing the distance between you.

Your choice is now, your chance for adventure growing smaller with every second. With the swamp holding tight to its secrets, you look to the fabled orb, knowing it’s your only clue to finding what you seek. You know this chance will never come again, to find the treasure you must follow the fifolet.

In the swamps of Louisiana, the fifolet dwells and leads the lost to treasure. Will you follow the fifolet?