FifoCon’s Cosplay Industry Professionals Guest List


Paul ForestPaul Forest

Paul Forest, known as Spock Vegas, became a Star Trek fan favorite when his good looks and voice won over the crowds the first time he hit Fremont Street, Las Vegas, as Spock more than 5 years ago. Paul, who has been cosplaying for more than 30 years, started out by winning contests as an Elvis impersonator. His cosplay skills have won him Las Vegas’s BEST LOOK-ALIKE contest at the Venetian. He appears all over Canada and the United States of America and is frequently invited to perform at exhibits and conventions.

During the past two years, Paul has made it his mission to raise money for charity with his appearances and has completed 75 Comic Cons and Fan Expos working toward this goal. With his attendance at various conventions, including Dragon Con and several Star Trek Cons, he has become the most viral Spock impersonator on the internet. His fame has led him to be approached for interviews, contests, and more, and he has been invited to events with top cosplayers such as Leeanna Vamp and Nicole Marie Jean.

Recently, Paul cosplayed as Spock in London, England, where he talked through Skype to the late Leonard Nimoy, who replied, “What is this…its like looking at myself in the mirror!”, making the whole room laugh.

His favorite quote is of course, “Live Long and Prosper”.

Spock Vegas now lives on Earth.


Triple Diamond CosplayTriple Diamond Cosplay, Paige Blunk and James Dixon

Triple Diamond Cosplay is a partnership of Paige Blunk and James Dixon.

TDC started in October 2015 and just recently merged with Silly Soapy Entertainment.

Paige is from Bentonville, AR, and James is from Wichita, KS. Although they live hours apart, the partnership is in full swing!  Triple Diamond Cosplay’s focus is on children’s entertainment and cosplay conventions. Between the two they have 20+ years of entertainment experience. Having been guests at several conventions TDC is always looking for new adventures!


UberGeeks Cosplays – Team UGC

Photo Credits: SPEAKERNiGHT Graphix & Teknoman Omega Photography

Team UGC began cosplaying in 2013 as a two person team. Founded officially in 2014 as a competitive duo, they competed and won their first Best in Show for their Alphonse Elric cosplay. Since then, they have gotten bigger and bigger, incorporating aspects like stilt walking into their cosplays. They have gone on to win numerous consecutive Best in Show Awards before turning their focus towards teaching the methods they have learned and developed.

The concept behind Team UGC is simple: teach. Understanding building methods and pushing information out there is the most important goal and the entire reason this group was formed. Through various platforms and interactive panels, the duo shares build advice and how-tos on a bevy of topics from building to con education, they believe in helping expand knowledge regardless of skill levels in fun ways. Pushing the art of cosplay forward while also helping everyone enjoy cosplay is their M.O. They are best known for going out of the box on materials and have a knack for using basic building materials to make massive costumes come to live. Their work as been featured across various platforms from commercial to film.

Tripp the Tech specializes in the tech factors of all the fabrications, including 3D modeling, pepakura, lighting effects, coding and generally giving the wow factor to everything they do.

Cayne the creator began sewing 17 years ago, since then she has ventured into FX make-up including molding, sculpting and applications. Her role is concept, design and execution. Cayne likes to pull from any and all aspects of cosplay building such as foam, leather, bondo, Sintra, practical effect, puppetry, and of course fabrics.


Remy Domino Cosplay

Photo credit: Susan Onysko Photography

Remy Domino is an award winning cosplayer from New Orleans with over 12 years of cosplaying under her belt. After attending her first con back in grade school and marveling at all her favorite characters coming to life, she knew she could never attend a convention without a cosplay ever again!

Entirely self-taught in everything from sewing to thermoplastics, she is always looking to learn something new, each character presenting a special challenge and a new opportunity.

Her craftsmanship and creations have developed over the years into a cosplay style of her own as she continued to draw inspiration from comics, anime and video games. She hopes to keep creating something new and sharing what she’s learned (sometimes the hard way) with other cosplayers for years to come!



RetroResource & Crescent City Cosplay

This local Father and daughter cosplay team, Mike and Amanda Carambat of Prairieville, Louisiana, are best known for making large and complex mechanical cosplays and props. Mike has been cosplaying for over 30 years, well before the term was ever coined. It’s no wonder his teenaged daughter would follow suit at a very young age as well. Over the past five years, they have entered and won many awards locally and nationally, including People’s Choice and Best Walk-on at Mechacon and multiple other awards including Overall Best of Show at Dragoncon.

Photo credit: Geaux Cosplay Photography

The team is technical, artistic and resourceful. As a mechanical cosplayer and artist, Mike works primarily in the design, structure, mechanics and electronics of their projects. Amanda is a gifted sculptor, painter, and seamstress and has a wonderful stage presence that wins the hearts of everyone in the audience. Although both occasionally cosplay individually, it’s when they combine their talents that their work really shines. Current projects include characters from Bioshock, Fairy Tail, Return to Oz and most recently, their wildly popular Overwatch cosplay, D.Va and her MEKA.

Large, complex cosplays require lots of time and materials, so every component is made from inexpensive items sourced locally from readily available suppliers. Using common items in unusual ways and applying unique fabrication techniques allows them to produce work rapidly and under a very tight budget. They are thrilled and eager to share this experience and knowledge with the cosplay community.

Build pics and videos of their work can be found on Mike (@retroresource) and Amanda’s (@crescentcitycosplay) Instagram pages.


Louisiana Cosplayers

Photo credit: Crossed Paws Photography

What began as a small gathering of friends back in 2010 has grown into the largest online community for cosplayers in the state of Louisiana. From hosting bi-monthly meet-ups all over the state to acting as consultants for various Louisiana conventions, the Louisiana Cosplayers community has become a boundless resource for newcomers and cosplay veterans alike. A family friendly and all-inclusive community, the group aims to spread positivity and information to promote a better world for cosplayers.

The Louisiana Cosplayers team is proud to host the FifoCon Cosplay Contest and act as its Cosplay Staff. For more information on the group and to get involved, visit their Facebook group and website.