FifoCon’s Industry Professionals Guest List

Paul Forest

Paul Forest, known as Spock Vegas, became a Star Trek fan favorite when his good looks and voice Paul Forestwon over the crowds the first time he hit Fremont Street, Las Vegas, as Spock more than 5 years ago. Paul, who has been cosplaying for more than 30 years, started out by winning contests as an Elvis impersonator. His cosplay skills have won him Las Vegas’s BEST LOOK-ALIKE contest at the Venetian. He appears all over Canada and the United States of America and is frequently invited to perform at exhibits and conventions.

During the past two years, Paul has made it his mission to raise money for charity with his appearances and has completed 75 Comic Cons and Fan Expos working toward this goal. With his attendance at various conventions, including Dragon Con and several Star Trek Cons, he has become the most viral Spock impersonator on the internet. His fame has led him to be approached for interviews, contests, and more, and he has been invited to events with top cosplayers such as Leeanna Vamp and Nicole Marie Jean.

Recently, Paul cosplayed as Spock in London, England, where he talked through Skype to the late Leonard Nimoy, who replied, “What is this…its like looking at myself in the mirror!”, making the whole room laugh.

His favorite quote is of course, “Live Long and Prosper”.

Spock Vegas now lives on Earth.


Triple Diamond Cosplay

Triple Diamond Cosplay is a partnership of Paige Blunk and James Dixon.Triple Diamond Cosplay, Paige Blunk and James Dixon

TDC started in October 2015 and just recently merged with Silly Soapy Entertainment.

Paige is from Bentonville, AR, and James is from Wichita, KS. Although they live hours apart, the partnership is in full swing!  Triple Diamond Cosplay’s focus is on children’s entertainment and cosplay conventions. Between the two they have 20+ years of entertainment experience. Having been guests at several conventions TDC is always looking for new adventures!


Roland Paris

Roland Paris has been a professional artist and comic book inker for more than 20 years. He studied art and graduated with a degree in illustration from Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL. Roland has worked as an inker for Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Image, Top Cow, Chaos and was on staff at CrossGen for three years. He has worked on titles such as Amazing Spider-Man, Dark X-Men: The Confession, Uncanny X-Force, and Ms. Marvel, as well as Iron Man: Fatal Frontier, Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint, Black Panther, Mystic, Crux, Brath, Scion, Sojourn, Forge, and Route 666. Currently, he is working on a graphic novel of his own creation, “Voodoo Kiss”, which he is writing, penciling and inking himself. He is also a graphic designer and pin-up painter.