The FifoCon Makers Showcase

A cleverly blended union of science fairs and show and tell, FifoCon’s Makers Showcase assembles the technology gurus, the production crafters, the technical artists, the inspired engineers, and other compelled makers together in one place.

Once assembled, these makers present new concepts and inventions, educate on processes and technologies, and interact with you and each other by way of panels, seminars, and hands-on activities.

This FifoCon treasure brings to light the forward thinkers and gives them a stage to display their innovations. From robotic API to prop crafting, our Makers Showcase highlights inventions and processes that are changing the landscape in a variety of fields.

Learn and Interact with Makers in the following industries:

  • Video Gaming
  • Comic Artistry
  • Film Production
  • Prop Fabrication
  • High-Tech Wizardry

FifoCon’s Makers Showcase brings educational and interactive opportunities to you.