FifoCon’s Video Game Exhibitor List

Come by the FifoCon Video Game Room to play games from all the companies listed here. We’ll have everything from single player games to 4-player split-screen games and VR in our Video Game Room. Click on the company logos below or any of the other links for more information. If you are a local video game company and would like to be at FifoCon then please click here.


King Crow Studios

King Crow Studios is FifoCon’s primary sponsor for all things video games. They are currently working with the local video gaming and entrepreneurship communities to help bring awareness to all the games being made right here in our great state of Louisiana, and to create new opportunities for those interested in working in the gaming industry.

In addition to developing their first title on Steam, Necroball, King Crow Studios works with over seven other indie gaming studios in the area ranging from game development, business consultation, marketing, social media management, to anything and everything a new game company could possibly need when starting up.

Have you ever wondered what Necromancers do in their spare time? They compete in EXTREME graveyard sports! Control hordes of undead minions and lead them to victory in Necroball, the fast-paced competitive sport amongst Necromancers. Select from a roster of all-star champions like the Necrocorgi and battle in intense local or online multiplayer as you try to shoot, slam, or kick your way to victory!

If you’ve ever wanted to get in the gaming industry and/or have any questions about it, email and they’ll be glad to help.


Pixel Dash Studios

Pixel Dash Studios is located at the Louisiana Technology Park and specializes in interactive media, video game development, graphic design, and 3D animation. In addition to running a successful business, the founders of Pixel Dash Studios also act as mentors to the Louisiana video game incubator, the Level Up Lab in the Louisiana Technology Park.

In their flagship title, Road Redemption, you lead your biker gang on an epic journey across the country in an epic driving combat road rage adventure. It has a huge campaign, dozens of weapons, and full 4-player co-op splitscreen. Be ready for Road Redemption’s full release on October 4th, 2017!


Wisp Entertainment

Wisp Entertainment is a Louisiana based company formed in 2012 by Van Phelan, Adam Folse and Samuel Perkins. In 2016 Megan Hourcade joined the team and brought with her the idea for a new game, Attack On Kitten.

Attack On Kitten is a retro action adventure game that aims to recreate the 16-bit games of yesterday by utilizing classic game design to deliver a truly great gaming experience. You play as Kat the Cat Knight, on a quest to save the beloved Kingdom of Kitten from the fins of an evil goldfish. Wield mighty and magical cats to shoot, slash, and scratch your way to victory!


Duck Block Games

Duck Block Games is a small company founded by two brothers with a passion for games. Their goal is to make fun games with depth and feeling, along with the occasional thoughtful nod to some of their old favorites. Their first game, Forsaken Castle, was Kickstarted successfully in 2017 and reached over 350% of their total goal!

Forsaken Castle is a 16-bit style, action exploration platformer, about a paladin and her fight against evil. Inspired by classic metroidvania games, you will discover new abilities, fight deadly creatures, and explore a handcrafted world created in a retro pixel art style.


Parallax Visions

Parallax Visions is a trio of game developers from New Orleans, Louisiana. High school friends Michael, Barron, and Curtis have been making games together since February of 2014 when Michael and Curtis first developed “Tripscape.” Since then, the three young men have been participating in multiple game jams and art projects, spreading their love for games, art, and creativity. They try to keep their website updated as much as possible. It is home of all the projects they call Parallax Visions.


Level Up Lab @ The Louisiana Technology Park

Level Up Lab is a project of Louisiana Technology Park, that aims to create and bring new digital media companies to Louisiana, building on Louisiana’s focus on the digital media and high-tech sectors. Level Up Lab will help developers to turn ideas into reality while simultaneously creating a commercial viable product. This is done by providing quality training in business, marketing and development as well as providing mentors throughout the company’s tenure with Level Up Lab. The Lab was made possible in part by an investment from the Delta Regional Authority, a federal-state partnership that is congressionally mandated to help create jobs, build communities, and improve lives in the 252 counties and parishes of the Delta.


Red Kraken Apps

Red Kraken Apps is a small indie studio located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We are currently releasing our first mobile game on Android and iOS (CATASAURUS REX AND THE INFINITE PAPERCUT) and look forward to many more entertaining projects.

Are you tired of games that offer hundreds of characters, but never really change the game? Do you want a game that offers unique characters, each with their own style of game play AND look great? Do you feel the need to collect stuff? Destroy creatures? Run endlessly? You just may have found your new addiction. There are no timers or bosses, just endless running with a plethora of unique characters. Earn coins, rank on the leaderboard, fill your collection, spin the wheel for prizes, and RUN!

Catasaurus Rex is an infinite runner featuring several paper doll inspired characters. Each character features a unique level with different enemies to dodge (or explode) and a different style of play. Think you can master each character?
We have several new characters on the way! See how long you can run and work your way up the leaderboard. Collect coins, spin the wheel to win more characters. Put your reflexes to the test!



Jetstreame is composed of a diverse team of individuals dedicated to developing high quality gameplay experiences for their fans. Their team has a mix of industry veterans and passionate new comers vying to make a meaningful impact in their industry. They strive for excellence in every title they craft. The goal is for their design, art, sound, & programming to be comparable to the best in the industry.

Cyberpunk Casanova is a dystopian visual novel thriller. In an effort to teach Enzo a lesson, his parents strip him of his corporate resources and credit accounts. It is their intention for Enzo to suffer until they return from a business trip in 30 days. In their minds this should be more than enough time for their foolish son to have come to his senses and make the decision to join the company (Tritus Technologies) or be removed from family records.


Sirian Gaming

Welcome to Sirian Gaming!

Their YouTube channel focuses on showcasing sci-fi and space games such as No Man’s Sky, Destiny 2, and Elite: Dangerous.

They also cover various indie games in their “Indie Spotlight” series as well as IndieBox unboxings.

Check them out on Twitch and Twitter for updates on their newest videos and live streams!

Also, if you would like to support the growth of their channel, check out their Patreon!


Ghost Data Forgers Entertainment

Ghost Data Forgers Entertainment is a small indie game team that specializes in making PC, Web, and Mobile games with fun mechanics and engaging gameplay. They make titles of various genres and put their passion into every project they make, game or otherwise.

They work on multiple games a year and will be showing 3 games off at Fifocon 2017.

Titles like Hallow-Scream (A brick-breaker game), Lair of Zetarus: Directors Cut (A survival horror game), and a third game they’re not yet announcing is going to be shown off to the public. With enough support they hope to make games that will be memorable experiences and entertain the world!


So Good Games

So Good Games is an indie game studio comprised of both professional and student game developers. They created the dog dating sim I Ruff You and are currently working on a dog shelter sim, Ruff City Rescue!

I Ruff You is an adorable and hilarious dog dating sim. Explore a cute ‘lil dog park and romance your way into the hearts of any of the four eligible bowchelors! You can download I Ruff You from for Windows, Mac, or Linux, or Android.